Get How to Buy your First Aircraft: What to Do and What to Avoid for just $139.99

If youve thought about what it takes to buy an aircraft, this course is for you! You may be learning to fly for your career, or maybe exploring your options for how to get into the aviation industry, or following your childhood dreams of getting your pilots license for fun. By taking this course, we want to demystify the idea of buying your first aircraft. We know that excitement from finding the right aircraft, making the deal and taking off. So, why not share what I have learned with clear, manageable steps to take in order to make your dream a reality? When I planned this course, I knew I wanted to answer the following questions:Whats the process for buying a plane?Why am I more confused after reviewing airplanes on different websites?Whats the right price for the aircraft I want to buy?Is this the right aircraft for me?How do you make sure that the aircraft is working appropriately? This course will help you get familiar with the complete process of buying an aircraft.By the end of this course, you will learn through a series of 15 videos:Investment analysisAircraft acquisition costsHow to estimate ownership costsAircraft as an investment. An approximate return on your investmentA quantitative analysis of buying vs renting a planeBuy an aircraftWhats the right aircraft for youBudget and timingAircraft financingResearch and selectionValuation tipsMake an offerPre-buy inspectionPaperwork & closingAircraft home and aircraft insuranceFuture operationHow to keep aircraft value up and marketableNext Generation upgrades: ADS-B Out. I will be sharing with you a step by step guide to buy an aircraft to make the buying process easier for you. Print it out and take it with you when you go check out your potential first aircraft. The guide includes:Aircraft purchase agreement sampleBill of sale documentAircraft registration applicationAirworthiness certificate applicationInformation if registering aircraft in an LLCList of websites that advertise aircraft for saleList of Facebook groups that advertise aircraft for saleGuidance to deal with an aircraft mechanic for the pre-buy inspectionFinding an aircraft mechanicDefining the scope of the reviewImportant things to fix versus nice things to fixLegalHow to use the information in your advantageQuestions to help you solve whats the right aircraft for youTables to help you estimating your personal cost structureAcquisition costsOwnership costs

>> Get How to Buy your First Aircraft: What to Do and What to Avoid for just $139.99 <<

How to Buy your First Aircraft: What to Do and What to Avoid